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“It is an extraordinary delight to study, to looke upon a geographical map, and behold, as it were, all the remote provinces, towns, and citties of the world.  What greater pleasure can there be?”

-          Robert Burton, The anatomy of melancholy- 1621


Available Boston Neighborhoods

See below for the Downtown Boston Through History Series



Back Bay



Fenway circa 1838

Fenway circa 2012

Hyde Park

Jamaica Plain




Roxbury circa 1852


Roxbury circa 2012


South Boston featuring Whitey Bulger


South Boston without Whitey Bulger


West Roxbury 1884


West Roxbury 2014



“It is not down on any map.  The true places never are.” 

     -          Herman Melville                                                                        


Downtown Boston Through History Series

Available individually or as a set

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circa 1630

circa 1690

circa 1776

circa 1865

circa 1914

circa 1964

circa 2010

A beautiful series of seven maps which highlight the evolution of downtown Boston from it's humble beginnings in 1630 to modern day, with historical changes and information that feature the layout of the city in 1630, 1690, 1776, 1865, 1914, 1964 and 2010.  Click on the maps above to go to the series page.


“There is no frigate like a map to take one so far and across spaces so vast.”

-           H. Beam Piper